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12PET/40CPP/BLANK: 48 ZAR/KG ---- 12PET/50PE/EVA/3COLOR: 59 ZAR/KG ---- 20BOPP/18 METPP/6COLOR: 48 ZAR/KG ---- NY/70LLDPE/6COLOR: 59ZAR/KG - 20/20BOPP/BLANK: 46 ZAR/KG ---- Actual prices depend on volume and exchange rate, contact us for more information

Info Zone - Printing

The Zones by Oceans printing facilities are equipped with state of the art printing equipment and have been at the forefront of printing packaging film for more than 10 years.

To ensure the highest quality and sharp fine images we standardize on rotogravure printing . Gravure printing is characteristically used for long run, high quality printing producing a sharp fine image. The image is etched on the surface of a metal plate. The etched area is filled with ink, then the plate is rotated on a cylinder that transfers the image onto the paper or other material.

Using the latest Rotogravure printing technology, we print in full high definition colour with up to a 10-colour print process with either a matt or gloss finish. We are also able to do a matt/gloss combination, plus the option of newly developed pearlised inks to give your product a visual edge.

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