• Quality guaranteed from our ISO 14001 certified factories
12PET/40CPP/BLANK: 48 ZAR/KG ---- 12PET/50PE/EVA/3COLOR: 59 ZAR/KG ---- 20BOPP/18 METPP/6COLOR: 48 ZAR/KG ---- NY/70LLDPE/6COLOR: 59ZAR/KG - 20/20BOPP/BLANK: 46 ZAR/KG ---- Actual prices depend on volume and exchange rate, contact us for more information

Info Zone - Film Manufacturing

With more than 30,000 square feet of production area and a capacity of over 50 tons/day , our facilities are ready to take on any enquiry.

To ensure the quality standards our products are tested by:

• Physical inspections • Chemical testing • Microbiological inspections

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