• Quality guaranteed from our ISO 14001 certified factories
12PET/40CPP/BLANK: 48 ZAR/KG ---- 12PET/50PE/EVA/3COLOR: 59 ZAR/KG ---- 20BOPP/18 METPP/6COLOR: 48 ZAR/KG ---- NY/70LLDPE/6COLOR: 59ZAR/KG - 20/20BOPP/BLANK: 46 ZAR/KG ---- Actual prices depend on volume and exchange rate, contact us for more information

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Artwork & Design

Zones by Ocean embraces your artwork and design to make sure your product will stand out in the crowd.

Material Characteristics

Every specific product is complemented with the exact right mix of materials. Wishes, needs, function and price are the basis for Zones by Ocean to advise you on the right flexible film.

Film Manufacturing

Extrusion, casting, laminating and endless other different techniques to ensure our products will be above standards.


State of the art pre-print and printing facilities. Printing capabilities of over 50 tons a day. More than 10 years of experience. We will make sure you get what you need.

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