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12PET/40CPP/BLANK: 48 ZAR/KG ---- 12PET/50PE/EVA/3COLOR: 59 ZAR/KG ---- 20BOPP/18 METPP/6COLOR: 48 ZAR/KG ---- NY/70LLDPE/6COLOR: 59ZAR/KG - 20/20BOPP/BLANK: 46 ZAR/KG ---- Actual prices depend on volume and exchange rate, contact us for more information

Our Product

Packaging Film on Reel

We produce any type of film from paper to foil based laminates. This includes a wide range of coating and varnishing options and a spectrum of matt films, semi-opaque films and metalized finishes that give the finished product a professional visual and tactile effect.

Premade bags

Zones by Ocean offers a wide range of gusset bags, quad seal bags, three-side seal bags and shaped bags. The products come in various material combinations and thicknesses according to product requirements and shelf life. Optional spouts and zip-lock functionalities are available as well.

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