• Quality guaranteed from our ISO 14001 certified factories
12PET/40CPP/BLANK: 48 ZAR/KG ---- 12PET/50PE/EVA/3COLOR: 59 ZAR/KG ---- 20BOPP/18 METPP/6COLOR: 48 ZAR/KG ---- NY/70LLDPE/6COLOR: 59ZAR/KG - 20/20BOPP/BLANK: 46 ZAR/KG ---- Actual prices depend on volume and exchange rate, contact us for more information

Certified, Top Quality Packaging Material

Zones by Ocean offers an extensive range of high quality flexible packaging materials for the food, non-food, beverage, agricultural , medical and beauty products industry.

With a solid network of high profile suppliers, we offer exceptional quality at a price that will amaze you.

Our Materials

Zones by Ocean offers a large
variety of plain and printed materials.

Our assortment includes:
• film on reel
• Premade bags


Low Price Guarantee

We combine the highest quality with the lowest prices in the market and will match any quotation.

For orders of 2000kg’s or more
per design we will pay for the cylinder costs

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